• On average, 70% of our families achieve sustainable housing.
Our Mission:
Helping at-risk and homeless families with children in Clark County achieve sustainable housing and independence through a compassionate, community-based response.

Our Programs

Day Center

This resource center is open daily, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment. Here the staff conducts needs assessments and referrals to appropriate services. Our Client Advocate Staff assists families in the development of a plan to achieve employment and housing. Families enrolled in the program receive job search guidance, childcare referrals and assistance with emergency support needs. Also included are education classes addressing financial management, life skills, parenting and good tenancy.

Emergency Shelter

Families with minor children are screened for placement in our motel shelter program. Applicants must be currently homeless, lack financial stability to provide a residence for their family with one or more minor children in the household. Family Promise of Las Vegas contracts with local motel units. Families receive a full complement of support services to include case management, transportation assistance, and weekly deliveries of food, essential needs. The goal of this program is to transition the parents to employment and sustainable housing.

Family Stabilization and Prevention Program

This program seeks to help families remain in their own home by funding rental assistance and assisting families to get back to work as quickly as possible by paying for childcare while the parents are job searching. FPLV applies for funding that can be used for Rental Assistance and Emergency Childcare in order to keep families’ housing and employment stable.

Bridge Housing

Family Promise of Las Vegas leases two apartment units that are made available to families who have achieved employment stability but need additional time to strengthen their financial position.

Just Neighbors

Our newest innovation – Just Neighbors connects volunteer community groups with families enrolled in our programs. Volunteers coordinate weekly with families in our programs. In coordination with Family Promise Client Advocates, volunteers provide supplemental items (food, clothing, linens, small appliances) essential to specific family needs. We welcome businesses, congregations, social groups to join this rewarding program.