Our Mission:
Helping at-risk and homeless families with children in Clark County achieve sustainable housing and independence through a compassionate, community-based response.

Success Stories


As with all fathers, Kelly’s life changed when he became a parent. But in Kelly’s case, his infant daughter Trudence inspired him to make a complete turnaround. Kelly was incarcerated when he first learned he had a daughter in foster care, and he decided to correct his path immediately to gain custody of her. Upon his release, he entered a sober living facility, however, the facility didn’t permit children. Kelly was referred to Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley (MT), where he began custody proceedings. Trudence was four months old when he met her for the first time, although he wasn’t eligible for full custody just yet.

“I didn’t know how to balance my life,” he recalls. “I needed help with my finances, finding a job, finding housing, everything. Family Promise helped me figure it all out.”

Family Promise helped Kelly find employment, budget finances, and manage his time. Before long, his daughter was with him five days a week. That’s when the realities of single parenting set in. Kelly had little knowledge of infant care. He says Family Promise helped him with everything from diapers to daycare.

“I needed childcare but had no idea what to look for. Family Promise came with me to see daycare centers and taught me what to look for,” he explains.

Kelly was ready to embark on a new life with his daughter, but he hadn’t rented a home in nearly a decade and lacked a reliable rental history or landlord referrals to support his rental applications. Family Promise helped him obtain housing through a relationship with a local income-based housing program.

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After months of living with friends and relatives and then moving from shelter to shelter, Thelma and her two daughters turned to Family Promise of Las Vegas for assistance. Quickly Thelma was put in the Family Promise workforce development program to improve her skills, prepare her for job interviews and a return to the work force. She also participated in the Family Promise financial literacy program and learned how to budget and build her savings. After less than two months Family Promise transitioned Thelma and her family to sustainable housing. Thelma also succeeded in securing a job in property management with the skills she developed in the Family Promise programs. For Thelma and her daughters Family Promise of Las Vegas made all the difference in their lives!


Jason came to Family Promise of Las Vegas unemployed, homeless and a single father of a special needs child. He was desperate for help. Family Promise of Las Vegas assisted Jason in developing a plan, finding employment and housing. Jason and his child found a stable life with hope for the future.


Referred by a local social service agency, Pat came to Family Promise, with her three daughters, for help with finding employment. Family Promise of Las Vegas referred Pat to several job resources and within a few weeks Pat began a new job. Over the past year Pat has received a promotion and a raise. She was able to transition from a rental assistance program to paying the full rent all on her own. Today she and her daughters are able to enjoy a stable life in a place of their own.